Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blog changes

I have removed several posts from my blog for book preparation. Hope that's OK.

On a completely different and personal note, I have a prayer request...

My husband is getting ready to leave for five long months and I am not looking forward to his absence. He will miss all of the children's birthdays, our anniversary and multiple fun summer moments with the his family. I have to support him, and I do, but I am not necessarily looking forward to the time being gone.

My options are only two: mope around and make it a miserable time for me, the children and my husband or... I can make peace with my circumstances, otherwise I will never learn what God wants to teach me through this time. I always learn something from God and grow a little closer to Him during Tom's absences. I will have to embrace my time alone because that is when God wants to speak to me; to reveal things to me that could not be revealed otherwise. I must think of this hard time as a gift.

OK, thanks for letting me vent. I feel better. ;)

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  1.'s for sure ha? UGH! I see LOTS of park playdates in our future! :)