Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mother's Day Off

Lord Jesus, I am weary in Thy work, but not of it.” ~ George Whitefield

I just had a “Mother's Day Off” yesterday and let me tell you what: I am a NEW WOMAN!! My cousin came down and we went to lunch, shopping and had coffee. The conversation was rarely about life and the trials there of. It was just plain fun. I had no idea how much I needed to get out. I can't tell you when I was out last that wasn't a quick meeting, Bible study, church, or groceries. I reiterate: it was jut plain FUN.

I had been feeling a bit melancholy as of late, but couldn't put my finger on the problem. I would go and seek the Lord and He did indeed lift me up to the high places, but I also know that He ordered this day off for me, and I am so grateful. It is a relief to me, too, because I always feel guilty when I feel like I need to get out. I always think of the mothers not too long ago that were rarely away from their children, and never got a “break” from life as we know it. “Tough it out” I always told myself, you don't actually need a break. Well, let me tell you something right now: I did; I got one; and I am ready and excited to get back to my housework, my lessons, and loving life. Perhaps we have to take a step back from life to realize how much we love it, even the mundane stuff. Like the wash that I get to start after my children wake up; the mopping that needs done yet again, and the school lessons the children and I get to do together. After having a deep breath of fresh air, I am excited and walking forth with joy into my new day.

Do you want to know something else? Too bad, I'm going to tell you anyway. TOM COOKED SUPPER!! I know! I was amazed, thrilled and on a high (partly because I found some really cute shoes... and a dress... and a shirt... and the cutest little jean jacket you have EVER seen!!). Psalm 55:6 says: “And I say, Oh that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.” I did fly away (for nearly a day) and I am truly rested. God knew what I needed and, as always, He provided for me.

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